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  1. Selyd Senior Member

    In Ukrainian:
    Ватуйка /vatuyka/ - young gоаt
    Ватуйник /vatuynyk/ - herd of young sheeps, gоаts
    Ватуйча /vatuycha/ - kid
    Ватуля /vatulya/ - Sheep, for the first time having kid

    Have such words?
  2. farscape mod-errare humanum est

    Ottawa, Canada
    Interesting, no we don't have anything that comes close:

    iadă (f) - young gоаt
    turmă de iezi/căpriţe, oiţe/mioare - herd of young sheeps, gоаts
    ied (m) - kid
    oaie primipară or mioară - Sheep, for the first time having kid

  3. misadro

    misadro Senior Member

    Sheep will most probably produce lambs, not kids ..
    As to Ukrainian-Romanian equivalents, why not have a dictionary check first ..
  4. Selyd Senior Member

    I badly have explained.
    These Ukrainian words occur with Romanian?
  5. irinet

    irinet Senior Member

    Ватуйча, meaning lamb, right?
    Clearly, we do not have any Ukrainean borrowing like these you posted.
  6. ectuohy Member

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    North Jersey English (rhotic)
    It's an interesting question, at least, since a lot of Ukrainian vocabulary on these topics (esp. in certain dialects) comes from Romanian, the most famous one being brânză (cheese)--бринза (brânza) (goat cheese)
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