Vaya con Dios que yo voy con su hijo

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  1. TheOrient New Member

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    My friend has just sent me these two chat up lines. I`ve tried to translate them, but I`m having a bit of difficulty:

    "Señora, vaya a con Dios que yo voy con su hijo". - Mrs, go with god that I go with his son... I don`t quite get the meaning here!
    Any help would be GREAT. Thanks.
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  2. Miguel Antonio Senior Member

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    Do wait for more comments/suggestions...

  3. belén

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    Hello TheOrient, welcome to the forums :)

    Vaya con Dios means something like "Shall God be with you" and it is used as a form of farewell sentence.

    So the sentence has a humorous double meaning:

    Shall God go with you and I will go with your son.

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    Belén, moderator/forera
  4. Tezzaluna

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    The orient,

    Actually, "vaya con Dios" simply means "Go with God" or "God be with you".

    It is true that the sentence has a humorous meaning: Go with God and I will go with your son.

  5. alexacohen

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    Tezzaluna has already translated it quite beautifully, but I just wanted to point out that in many Spanish speaking countries the third person "su" is used instead of the second person "tu".

    I understand your puzzlement might be due to this fact, as the meaning you have conveyed in your translation is "madam, you go with God and I will go with Jesus Christ".
  6. alacant

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    Which was the way I understood in when I first read it, and thought it was part of some evangelical campaign.

    Saludos, Alacant

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