Vegetarian (ovo-lacteo vegetariano)

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  1. poupee75 New Member

    Spain/Argentina - spanish

    I need to know how do you call "ovo-lacteo vegetariano".

    For example I'm ovo-lacteo vegetariana, I mean I eat vegetables and also eggs and milk.

    Thanks in advanced for you help! :)

    PD: I'm learning, feel free to correct my mistakes. :D
  2. vanesita3 Senior Member

    In english it is called 'lacto ovo vegetarian'

  3. rholt

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    Louisiana en Venezuela
    English - Louisiana
  4. kaylee Member

    Normally in English, just saying that you are vegetarian means that you eat eggs and cheese etc. You say you are vegan if you don't eat eggs and cheese.

    If you are in a restaurant and want to say you are vegetarian, normally then the waiter will ask you if you eat fish/eggs/honey/cheese or whatever it is they cook.
  5. poupee75 New Member

    Spain/Argentina - spanish
    ;) Thanks a lot for this information!

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