vegetarian-shmegetarian [prefix shm- / schm-]

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    At dinner, a girl asks one of the guests if he's a vegetarian.
    The girl's mother then says : Oh, vegetarian-shmegetarian. I know it's trendy right now, but if you ask me, people spend too much time thinking and not enough time eating.

    What does "shmegetarian" mean ?
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    The repetition of a word with schm- replacing the first letter is used to denote disbelief, similar to 'vegetarian my arse'. It can be used for pretty much any word.
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    There are a few threads on this already, but, I think, virtually impossible to search using the dictionary.

    Here is one.
  4. Ann O'Rack Senior Member

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    I believe it is a play on Yiddish, though I don't know the details.
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    The OED has an entry for schm-:
    An element, derived from the numerous Yiddish words that begin with this sequence of sounds, fused with or replacing the initial letter(s) of a word, so as to form a nonsense-word which is added to the original word in order to convey disparagement, dismissal, or derision.
    The OED's first example is crisis - schmisis from 1926.
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    Here's another one:
    calories schmalories

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