vehicles should carry, snatch strap, jump leads, shovel

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    Me encuentro frente a un trabajo en el que debo indicar todo el equipamiento que debe tener un vehiculo 4x4.

    "All field vehicles should carry,e.g extra spare wheel, snatch strap, jump leads, shovel..."

    I don't know the meaning of "snatch strap". As per the rest, it's ok. I think Jump leads are the cables used to start a vehicle taking energy from the battery of another vehicle, if someone can confirm that, ok.

    Usually, in the forum, somebody comes with a site in which the equipment is depicted, accompanied by the statement "una imagen vale mas que mil palabras"

    If you can come up with something like that, wonderful!!!


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    American English
    I think you are on the right track, AC. I think jump leads sound like jumper cables in the US... although "extra spare" is repetitive. You can have an extra wheel or a spare wheel (or tire), but you don't need both. ;)

    Where is your text from? Automobile vocabulary tends to vary from one side of the ocean to another.

    My guess is that "snatch strap" might be a rope or nylon strap for towing/pulling another car -- in AE, a tow strap, tow cable or tow rope.

    Hope this helps.


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