veil was arranged curtain-wise

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Sasha Ivanov

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Mrs. Penniman was silent a little, and her smile beneath the shadow of her capacious bonnet, on the edge of which her black veil was arranged curtain-wise...
(Washington Square - Henry James)
I've only known about two meanings of -wise: 1) in the direction or manner "likewise" 2) with reference to "moneywise"
In this context I assume it means "like, similar to". Am I right and is this the third meaning of the adverb?
  • lingobingo

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    English - England
    Please always give us a complete sentence.

    Curtain-wise means in the manner or style of a pair of curtains.

    Note that the suffix -wise is sometimes interchangeable with -ways, as in lengthwise/lengthways, edgewise/edgeways.
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