Veille technologique, concurrentielle, réglementaire

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    Hello there!

    Would anyone have come across a suitable translation for the above, which describes data gathering on a product or process, whether technological (researching all available information on potential technological developments regarding that product or process), competitive (what competitors are up to) or regulatory (keeping an eye on any potential changes in legislation)?

    It can be related to industrial spying, but it's legal and more general.

    Ouf! that's a long question! Any light at the end of the tunnel?

    Thanks in advance.
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    ooops, bien désolée, j'avais vérifié les "previous threads" pour veille technologique, mais pas concurentielle. Merci en tous les cas.
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    This is what I found :
    Veille technologique = Technological Intelligence / Technological monitoring
    Veille concurrentielle = Competitive monitoring
    Veille Réglementaire = Information monitoring / Regulation watch (I prefer the second.)

    Seeing the light? :idea:

    Heck, you guys already had the answers while I was researching... oh well!
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    It seems on Google that the first term is better...

    A nearest term i found on google is "Economic intelligence" (veille économique) which is also for economy concepts of course ;)

    it seems it is the best translation ;)
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