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    Hi, I have a question that is not strictly speaking a language question. I am looking for a village somewhere near Oradea, and its name translated into Czech is apparently "Velký Varadeň" – please help.
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    I really don't see how this fits with the scope of the forum and the rules. I'm going to just close the thread in case somebody will offer more details in a PM. Please stick to the rules next time.

    Here is what I've been able to dig out from wiki (Romanian) - it appears that it's the city of Oradea:

    "Oradea, mai demult Oradea Mare, (în maghiară Nagyvárad, în germană Großwardein, în idiș גרויסווארדיין Groysvardeyn, în latină Magnovaradinum, în slovacă Vel'ký Varadín, în turcă Varat, în italiană Gran Varadino) este reședința și cel mai mare municipiu al județului Bihor, situat în vestul României, pe râul Crișul Repede, în imediata apropiere a graniței cu Ungaria."

    Basically the paragraph above lists the name of the city of Oradea in several different languages and the text in red bold typeface says that in Slovakian the name is translated as Vel'ký Varadín which is close enough to the Czech form you've provided Velký Varadeň. Judging by the Latin form Magnovaradinum (Oradea Mare - Big Oradea) I think it's a pretty good match. I suppose Velký means big.

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