velvet sleeve was <flaring> [blazing?]


Hi everybody.
I'm trying to describe this painting by Caravaggio as it could be seen by a person at an exhibit.
Martha and Mary Magdalene (Caravaggio) - Wikipedia

I'm not English mother tongue.
Is this phrase correct?
For a moment, she would have expected to see her own image reflected into the convex mirror where Mary's maroon velvet sleeve was flaring.

In particular, I'm not sure that flare is the verb I'm looking for.
Thanks in advance
  • I would not use "blazing" -- and there is no maroon velvet in the painting. The velvet that is draping the mirror is green, and the sleeve is bright red (or scarlet) satin or silk.

    Also note that an image is reflected by a mirror, and not into it.


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    It's also normal for something to be reflected "in" a mirror - but, as you say, not "into".