1. SeanMcc Member

    English USA
    In spanish what does the word vendiga mean.

    For example, "Que Dios te vendiga"


  2. krolaina

    krolaina Senior Member

    Spanish, Spain
    Bendiga, with b.
    Meaning God bless you
  3. Casualcol Senior Member

    Spanish - Colombia
    Bless you. But you MUST use it with "B": bendiga. God bless you = Dios te bendiga. Comes from the verb bendecir.
  4. SeanMcc Member

    English USA
    Ok this was sent to me by a Spanish Speaker as a New Years greeting. My guess is she made a typo and typed "v" instead of "b" by mistake.
  5. Thomsen Senior Member

    Washington, D.C.
    English USA
    The b and v are both pronounced as a b in spanish. It's a very common spelling mistake.

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