1. upgrader Senior Member

    Hello everyone,

    XXX, un best-seller vendu à ce jour à yyy millions d’exemplaires。

    I have a French question here: does the phrase "à ce jour " mean "so far" or "on that day"?

    Can anybody help me? Thank you very much in advance.
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  2. Yendred Senior Member

    Français - France
    à ce jour = so far
    en ce jour / ce jour-là = on that day
  3. janpol

    janpol Senior Member

    France - français
    N'est-ce pas un mot à la mode qui signifie "aujourd'hui" ?
    "Ca fait 3 semaines à ce jour qu'il est parti" >> ça fait trois semaines aujourd'hui qu'il est parti >> il est parti depuis exactement 3 semaines.
  4. upgrader Senior Member

    Thank you, Yendred, perpend and janpol, very much for your explanations. It really helps and I appreciate it very much.
  5. WME Senior Member

    "so far", or "to this day" in English
  6. upgrader Senior Member

    Thank you very much, guys. 'So far' makes perfect sense in the context. Very much appreciated.

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