Veneto: te manca un boio


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I've just learned there's this expression in Venetian (te manca un boio) which means "you're crazy", and which incidentally also exists in Catalan (et falta un bull) and Spanish (te falta un hervor). Does it exist in Standard Italian? I think not. Does it exist then in any other Italian language, or Romance language in general? Or is there a gulf between Catalonia and Veneto? :confused:

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    Hi! Mind that "te manca un bojo" doesn't mean "you're crazy"; it literally means "you need some cooking, you're undercooked" and figuratively "you're immature, you're not very smart, you're stupid". I don't actually think there is a matching phrase in Standard Italian.


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    Based on the explanation above, my translation into Portuguese isn't correct.


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    it doesn't come to my mind any similar expression in the Italian dialects (South and Central Italy) I can understand.
    is there a gulf between Catalonia and Veneto?
    there is one, I guess. Maybe a tunnel. :D
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