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"Venir" usually has the meaning of "to come" as in "Je viens à l'école tous les jours sauf le dimanche." Why do people use the verb "arriver" to mean "to come" as in the expression, "Attends-moi! J'arrive." Is it because the action is about to happen in the near, immediate future? When are other examples of when "arriver" is used where "venir" would be used? Merci d'avance! :)
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    ah but one can also say 'attends-moi, je viens !' although it's less common... i guess it's simply a matter of usage and there is no more to it ...

    regarding your first sentence, we would say 'je vais à l'école'. sorry. :(


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    There is a difference between "venir" et "arriver".
    Venir is being on the way, while arriver reaching the location.
    When saying "Attends-moi, j'arrive", it is a way to infer you will be immediately here, without delay.
    For example :
    "Bon, tu viens, on va être en retard !
    - Oui, ça va, j'arrive !"