venire a conoscenza


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Hi all! This is my first thread! :)

I need your help to translate this sentence "Come è venuto a conoscenza del convegno?".

How (where?) have you been aware of the conference? :eek:

(it's a question in a survey form).

Thanks a lot!
  • mattiegn

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    Some possible suggestions could be:
    How did you come to know about the conference?
    Where did you hear about the conference from?

    Hope that helps!


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    Hi Ilaria and welcome to WRF,

    I think you need to use the simple past tense for this question as it refers to the act of becoming aware of the conference, which is a past, finished action, despite the fact that there is a present result (he/she is now aware...).

    A fairly standard format for this type question would be:
    "How did you hear/find out about.....(the conference)?"