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    I am trying to pin down whether venoclisis refers to the IV procedure or equipment (kit) or what. A hospital east of Haiti charged five dollars for venoclisis. What might they have done? Charge for the solution, needle or what?
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    "Venoclisis" or "venoclysis" is a rare word that refers to the actual "infusion" of a solution into a vein.

    Five bucks? Not a bad price!:)
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    "Venoclisis" is the kit for the IV, not the procedure, it's the correct word in Spanish, in Perú is common to use it, in Chile they say "bajada de suero", in English it would be "tubing and clamps for IV/intravenous".

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    Thanks for all your contributions.

    Wow! A picture. Can't beat that.

    "bajada de suero"

    That's very helpful. Even though suero is serum in some contexts, what is meant here, I suppose, is saline solution.
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    You are right :)

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