venta de activos en el balance de promotor

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    venta de activos en el balance de promotor

    This phrase is referring to real estate finance, and the sale of (often foreclosed) real estate assets. Am I right in thinking this phrase means something like: "Sale of assets from the developer's balance sheet"? It sounds a little clumsy in English. ¡Gracias!
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    Literally it would mean "in" the developer's balance sheet". It is also clumsy in Spanish.

    I have a clue but I would need to knowif your text is from Spain and a little bit more of context. Maybe (only maybe) it could refer to sales of real estate of a bank and they are selling not only their own assets but also the assets of a developer who has not paid to the bank (and whose assets are still in the balance sheet of the developer.

    Does it make sense in context?

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