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The office is stuffy. Let's open the windows so that we have a good ventilation/the air ventilates well/the office ventilates well.

I make this sentence but I'm not sure which of the three in bold is correct and more colloquial. If none are correct, what would you express the same idea? Thanks.
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    Only "have good ventilation" is correct. (Note removal of "a" which is incorrect).
    "Air ventilates well" is wrong, it must ventilate something well, e.g. the room.
    "The office ventilates well" is wrong because the office or room is the object of the verb: "The air ventilated the office", the office itself doesn't ventilate. A window, a ventilator, etc. can ventilate, though, as it provides the air.

    I would say "Let's open the window so that the office is well ventilated."
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