ventiquattr'ore su ventiquattro

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by chialuth, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. chialuth Member

    Italy - italian
    Spend time together ventiquattr'ore su ventiquattro: c'è una espressione particolare per indicarlo?
  2. k_georgiadis

    k_georgiadis Senior Member

    NJ, USA
    English (AE)
    You can use the expression "round-the-clock" which means continuous, lasting 24 hours per day
  3. chialuth Member

    Italy - italian
    so, spend time together round the clock?
  4. blingbang Senior Member

    Italy, Italian
    How about.. 24/7 ?
  5. Alxmrphi Senior Member

    Reykjavík, Ísland
    UK English
    24/7 is good.
  6. chialuth Member

    Italy - italian
    Can I say, in a quite formal letter, spend time together 24/7?
    Non è meglio una forma a parole, non numerica?

    Comunque grazie a tutti!!
  7. lautaro

    lautaro Senior Member

    Mediolanum, Italia
    Español chileno, Italiano del nord
    Io direi "spend time together 24hrs".
  8. Alxmrphi Senior Member

    Reykjavík, Ísland
    UK English
    This isn't used.
  9. TimLA

    TimLA Senior Member

    Los Angeles
    English - US
    Dipende dal contesto, ma dai esempi degli altri foreri:

    Un contesto romantico:
    I'm with her all the time.
    I'm with her 24/7.
    I'm with her around the clock.
    I'm with her 'round the clock.
    I'm with her day and night.

    In un contesto "meno" romantico:
    We are available 24/7.
    We are available at all times during the day or night.
    We are available day and night.
    We are available around the clock.
  10. housecameron

    housecameron Senior Member

    Italian/ Italy
    Ciao Tim :D
  11. chialuth Member

    Italy - italian
    Grazie TimLa, credo userò around the clock!
  12. TimLA

    TimLA Senior Member

    Los Angeles
    English - US
    Ciao HC! :D

    Anche puoi dire:

    "24/7 - 365 days a year"
    "24/7 - 365"
  13. assu Senior Member

    I'm interested in this expression too. Is it possible to say 24 hours a day? My context is the presence of a duty doctor in a Refinery plant. Thank you for any information
  14. Alxmrphi Senior Member

    Reykjavík, Ísland
    UK English

    Hi assu, of course!
    This is probably the most normal way to say it I'm surprised it wasn't suggested earlier.

    For your kind of expression it's probably more normal to say "an on-site doctor" that means that there is a room for the doctor(s) and there is always one available to be ready to help all the time.

    But your version works as well....

    "We have an on-site doctor here at the refinary plant.":tick:
    "We have doctors available 24 hours a day here at the plant.":tick:
  15. Tonza Senior Member

    Chicago, US
    English - U.S.
    Yes, in fact this is how I would say it, and I am surprised not to find it suggested in the previous posts.

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