vents, gates, channels, etc. (technical term in lost wax casting)

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Angela Thomas

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DOC: 1907 Museum catalog of ancient mirrors - Introduction, section about mirror handles cast in bronze using lost wax method. CONTEXT: I'm translating this from the original French text:
These are its various stages: everything that is bronze now was once wax which was modeled over a core of sandy material [=clay core] and then covered with a sufficient amount of the same material in order to form the hollow matrix. Once the cast was obtained by replacing the wax with the molten metal, all that remained was to destroy the core, which was easy to do thanks to the series of vents/ducts/gates/channels/chaplets/runners/sprues. In fact, to help accomplish this, the base of the handle is pierced like the rest of it. The French word is almost always translated as indentations OR cutouts AND sometimes notches, but these don't seem to fit the context. I've googled ad nauseum but can't figure it out. Are these holes perhaps made by the core pins or the wax rods????
QUERY: Can anyone tell me which is the correct word to use here?
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  • badgerchops

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    In short, I don't know either, since the required word might be a specific technical term. I'd try to find a fairly technical text describing lost wax casting in English, and see what word(s) they use.
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