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When I will express the meaning, the office where I sign up, does 'venue' is acceptable? How about 'registration office'? Do you have any other advice? Thank you.
  • Beryl from Northallerton

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    Hello ziawj2, :)

    What exactly do you mean by 'the office where I sign up'? Please provide a little extra information, because I think we're confused by your question.


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    A venue is usually a place where people go to do the same thing (or start doing the same thing) together and at the same time. ​(e.g. a concert venue; a venue for a training course; a venue for a race, etc.) People who sign up for a course, usually appear at different times and sign at different times, so "venue" does not work well.


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    Hello ziawj2

    Can you give us a sentence, please, in which you would want to use "venue" to refer to the Postgraduates' Associate Office?

    I can't think of one, myself:(.


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    >>Postgraduates' Associate Office

    Is this the Postgraduate Registrar's Office?

    In my experience, there was only one Registar's office for both undergraduate and graduate courses, but it looks like some universities have both.
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