1. MAVIGU Banned

    Yesterday I went to a museum and watched some paintings.(=ver cuadros)

    Can I use "watch" in this context?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. ClimbEveryMountain

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    I'd use "saw" instead.
  3. jamesjaime Senior Member

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    No no - it would be

    Yesterday I went to a museum and saw some paintings


    Yesterday I went to a museum and looked at some paintings

    To watch something means to look at something moving, observing it closely

    I watched TV last night
    Did you watch the football match?
    We watched a film

    I watched the parade march down the street

    In all of the examples something is happening - action in the film, football match, parade etc

    To watch means you are looking at something, but you are either observing something actually happening, or you are waiting for something to happen

    Watch the clock!! It's going to strike twelve any moment now!

    So if you watch a painting, it would be as if you were waiting for something to happen to it, which is very unlikely as it is an inanimate object.

    NB To watch can also mean "take care"

    "Watch the painting!"
    Cuidado con la pintura!!
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    Please give the original Spanish for your title in a new post.
    Otherwise, the thread will be deleted because it has a useless title.
    Thank you.

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