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Hi friends,

Some Bulgarian translators are in the habit of using the word 'veracity' in what I believe is a particularly unsavoury manner. :) At the end of their translation they put a statement roughly to this effect:

I hereby undertake full responsibility for the veracity of this translation...

Sounds off to me. There is a number of words that I would choose over this one, e.g. accuracy, correctness, etc. Indeed, those are a lot less posh, but for some reason I cannot quite explain, I find them more suitable.

It is quite possible, though, that I am imagining things and I am seeing a fault where there is none. What do you think?
  • sdgraham

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    Theoretically, which is all some people have to work with, veracity is correct.

    I agree with you, however, in that it just doesn't fit. I wouldn't call it unsavoury, however. It's just a bad (perhaps pretentious) choice of words in modern English.


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    No, it's definitely a misfire. Veracity pertains to the factual content, not to the accuracy of the translation.
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