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I saw this sentence in the Cloze section of ECPE exams: "The problem has _______ grown so severe that three out of every four private colleges are now favoring boys over girls in admissions." a. been b. already c. however d. yet
B is the correct answer but why A isn't the correct answer? Isn't this a passive voice sentence? .......the problem has been grown....
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    No, people don't grow the problem, but the problem grows worse. It's active in this sense. (People do grow carrots, and carrots are grown on farms. Problems are thought of differently from carrots.)


    Can I ask a.question?
    There are significant benefits for children
    Growing up/grown up with mothers who work outside the home.

    In this sentence which one is correct? Growning up or grown up? Can you explain the difference..


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    I suppose we make a distinction between people and carrots too. 'Growing' is used for children - we speak of 'growing children' when we're thinking of their increasing age, and their health and nutrition, because they need these to grow. At some point (18 or so), the growing is finished, and they're now grown up. A grown-up is an adult. So:

    children growing up = children who are growing up [the meaning you want]
    children grown up = children who have grown up, who are now adults
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