(verb) quality control


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There is a document that is full of mistakes. You think quality control (QC) is needed. You will tell your subordinate:

"It seems QC hasn't conducted/performed/implemented/done/(other) about this document. Please conduct/perform/implement/do/(other) QC."
Which verb would you use?

* Please use the word "QC", not other words such as "check", because "QC" is the speficied process at the company.
  • PaulQ

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    Neither sentence is idiomatic. Both are mangled English.

    "QC" is the speficied specified process at the company. :cross: ""QC" is used in this company." / ""QC" is the specific term used in this company." :tick:

    "It looks as if there's been no QC done on this document. Please have it done. / Please make sure it is."


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    Thank you.
    May I ask another question regarding this?
    If it's a formal document such as a Standard Operating Procudure, which defines how and what procudures you should do, what verb would you use? Would you say "QC should be done on all the documents regarding XXX"? Or, would you use "conduct" or something?

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    The word "perform" sounds the most natural: "Please perform QC on these documents."

    However, "conduct" or "implement" would also be okay to use.