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in spanish: hacer una revolucion

in english: make a revolution? create a revolution? have a revolution?

which sounds best to you?

  • panjandrum

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    I don't really like have or make.
    Create a revolution sounds OK, and here are a few more possibilities.
    Organise a revolution.
    Plot a revolution.
    Plan a revolution,
    Support a revolution.
    Start a revolution.
    Hatch a revolution.
    Cause a revolution.
    Provoke a revolution.


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    If you are referring to a wheel or something that revolves, it would be make a revolution. For example: Your car's wheels make 100 revolutions per mintue when you are driving X miles per hour.

    If you mean a revolution, as in a revolt or uprising, refer to Panjandrum's answer.


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    This thread is a perfect demonstration of what happens when no context is given for the original question.

    I am closing the thread so that dakini may, if appropriate, open a new thread to ask a more specific question, in English, with context.
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