verbally abused

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Can I say abusing vervally in the following sentence?

He was a bad teacher. If students did not do their homework, he kicked their hips and hit them with a thick stick while abusing them verbally.
  • kalamazoo

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    US, English
    The abusing them verbally works, but kicking their hips sounds kind of strange. Is he kicking their behinds?


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    English - Australia
    The only way I can imagine a teacher kicking students hips would be if they were seated and he kicked them in the hip while standing beside their desk. Is this the kind of thing you are talking about, bosun? If they were standing, he'd have to be a kick-boxer, surely!

    By the way, you have a typo in your title and first sentence: "vervally" - easy to do with those keys next to each other. :)
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