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    I was wondering if there was an adverb for writing that could improve the rhythm of this sentence for my ear.

    The mayor attacked the politician verbally and (writtenly).

    I wanted to say the mayor criticized that politician in a press conference and an article he wrote. I think "writtenly" is wrong, but I'd like to know if there's another adverb close in meaning before I discard this whole construction. Thanks~
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    The usual one is in writing.
  3. redgiant Senior Member

    Cantonese, Hong Kong
    Thanks se16teddy~~
  4. Fabulist Banned

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    "Verbally" literally means "in words," and can be contrasted with communication by gestures, facial expressions, etc.

    "Orally" would be better for "by speaking." The contrast would be "in writing" or, if the attack was published (not written by hand in a private diary or journal), "in print."

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