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    I came across a list that shows the new functions of an update for a software. And, one of the new functions is Verbessertes Debugging.

    Verbessert is the past participle of the verb verbessern. And, I guess it acts like an adjective in the context. My question is, what does verbessertes mean? What is the function of the ending -es?

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    The ending "-es" is used to link the adjektive "verbessert" to the neutral noun "Debugging", beause it is "das Debugging".
    Yes, the adjective "verbessert" ist the past participle. But in this case it is not used as an conjugated verb but as an adjective describing a following noun.
    By the way, the phrase "verbessertes Debugging" is in my opinion an awful mixture from German and English. Here some proposals for better German: Verbesserte Fehlersuche / verbesserte Quellteytkontrolle / verbesserte Syntaxkontrolle

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    Here is a description of German adjective inflection. Studying you will find that -es is the neuter nominative and accusative ending of the "strong" declension which is used when article or other determiner occurs in the noun phrase. English gerunds are regularly used as neuter nouns in German.

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