Verbs versus non-verbs


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Kroeger 1993 states that
*Bumili ng palay ka ba?
??Hinagkan ng Nanay ako.

are ungrammatical, unlike similar sentences for non-verbal predicates, and that "this difference .. provides a clear distributional test for distinguishing between verbs and all other lexical categories".

To test this claim, I submitted these sentences to a native speaker:
anak ni Susan siya
ipinanganak ni Susan siya

Both were declared acceptable, though:
anak siya ni Susan
ipinanganak siya ni Susan

was preferred in each case.

Similarly, there seems to be only one grammatical position for "ba" in both:
anak ba siya ni Susan?
ipinanganak ba siya ni Susan?

Kroeger's claim therefore appears false to me. In this respect, at least, verb-like predicatives seem to behave syntactically in the same way as non-verb-like predicatives. Does anyone disagree, or have examples to support Kroeger's claim?
  • DotterKat

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    Bumili ng palay ka ba is indeed syntactically (and colloquially) incorrect. In this one limited text, I see no error on the part of the author you quoted.
    I also agree with the corrections brought forth by the native speaker you consulted on the subsequent lines of text.