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Having looked up this noun (verdure (nf)), I couldn’t then see any linkage to inform me what the adjective was. Nor could I find it through the Collins tab nor Forum. (I now believe it to be verdoyant, having asked someone, and can see it on the left hand panel amongst many other similarly spelt words, but would never have known to select that one as the adjective). Could this link be added in please or could you tell me, if there is a tool or linkage, how to use it. Thanks in advance.
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    Thank you for your message, and welcome to our forums. We don't have anything that specifically links to adjective forms of nouns or vice versa, as far as I know. The list of nearby words on the left is always the best place to look for any related words, and they are all clickable, so it shouldn't take too long to explore a few if you really don't know what you are looking for (fortunately, I think many adjectives are closer to their nouns in spelling, so would be easier to find), and if you are really stuck, of course, you can always post a question in our French-English vocabulary forum - there are always plenty of people there to help out.