Verify recipient identity = Verify a recipient's identity [?]

Hi everybody,
I saw this paragraph that is given down in some site web and I wonder myself can I say "Verify a recipient's identity" instead of "Verify recipient identity"?
Verify recipient identity
Make sure only the intended recipients can download your file. Recipient identity will be validated before download. Files cannot be forwarded to additional recipients.
I should be grateful if you could help me.
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    It is common in technical fields, especially when explaining a procedure or giving directions or instructions on something, to omit articles (the, a) and also apostrophes and similar grammatical devices. It's similar to what occurs in newspapers where headlines and subheadlines use a kind of "shortened" English (Wallet Found in Pond: Owner Unknown = "A wallet was found in a pond. Its owner is unknown")

    To specifically answer your question: Yes, you can definitely say "Verify a recipient's identity"
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