1. I was wondering if anyone could give me an honest definition. I had been previously lead to believe that it was the crassest Mexican word for the female genitalia; however, some coworkers have said that it means "balls" of the testicular sort. If it is the former, then what exactly would the feminie adjectival forms translation be? Thank you in advance.
  2. Orgullomoore Senior Member

    Inglés estadounidense
    I had never heard of this word before, however, the DRAE defines it as such:

    verija. 1. f. Región de las partes pudendas.

    Partes pudendas. 1. f. pl. Las de la generación.

    That is, region of the sexual parts. The dictionary does not classify it as an offensive word.
  3. Thank you. Could any MExican wiegh in on it's usage, as well as other speakers?
  4. Idiomático Senior Member

    Virginia, USA
    Latin American Spanish
    I'm originally from Puerto Rico. Had not heard the word verijas in a long, long time. My grandparents used it to refer to one's private parts--male or female.
  5. daniel.uy

    daniel.uy Senior Member

    Rocha, Uruguay
    Rio de la Plata Spanish
    I'm from Uruguay and it's a common word here. It's not a coarse word at all. It's mainly applied to horses. It's the area where the rear leg join and the trunk join together and where one (when riding) applies little pressure to make the animal go faster. So,

    Verija = ingle

    For humans, verijas is the loin area, and therefore the private parts.

    The second word verijona, never heard it before.
  6. daniel.uy

    daniel.uy Senior Member

    Rocha, Uruguay
    Rio de la Plata Spanish
    Apropos, anyone acquained with riding knows (or at least should know) that too much pressure on the rear verijas will make the horse go berserk. Mind you next time you go riding!!:p
  7. loladamore

    loladamore Senior Member

    Zacatecas, México
    English UK
    AS far as I know, it is used to refer to both male and female parts. I hve heard the phrase con sus verijas al aire on numerous occasions, usually applied to small children running around half-naked (you know which half).
    I think verijona means "childish" or more specifically "babyish", but I'm not a hundred percent sure. Perhaps we will get some Mexican feedback shortly.

  8. horusankh

    horusankh Senior Member

    México, Español

    I agree, "verija" refers to the private or sexual parts (male or female), and "verijón/verijona" is a guy/girl who is not a child anymore, but with the nuance that he/she is in a reproductive age. It could also mean that his/her sexual parts are quite big (and therefore developed, that is, they are not the size a pre-teenager would have).

    EDIT: You're right, Loladamore, when it's about a child, it means that the boy/girl is a "grown up" child, and is not allowed to have stupid childish behavior.

  9. mirx Banned

    Just to confirm Horous.

    Verijón/na means basically teenager. My father used that word a lot and very naturally, but apart from him I've never heard anyone using it in a familiar context, the times I heard it in other people's mouths it had a sexual meaning.

    In many places teenagers are considered children, that is, they are not given the credit they actually have. When one stops being a verijón one is considered an adult; this usually happens at or around 17, 18 years of age.

    This is of course in México and limited to the people who share these beliefs and use these words.

  10. pejeman

    pejeman Senior Member

    Verija is for the genitals of both men and women.

    I commonly hear "peludo y verijón" or "peluda y verijona" meaning grown-up. Also having more time than the average person, in a certain program or club, etc.

    Peludo/peluda: Already having pubic hair.
    Verijón/verijona: With genitals big enough to be noticed.

    This word (verijón) was not used in Northwestern Mexico where I was raised but on Central and Southern Mexico

    Saludos a todos, pero muy especialmente a Lolita.
  11. pecosita Senior Member

    Español de México
    Yo he escuchado la palabra "verijon/a" para llamar a alguien "flojo", "huevon"...

    Como sugiriendo que por tener las 'verijas' grandes no te puedes mover. (por pesadas).

    Jaja me siento rara al ser tan explicita. ..
  12. Gracias a todos. Si hay otras opiniones, me gustaria oirlas.
  13. borgonyon

    borgonyon Senior Member

    Shreveport, Louisiana
    Mexican Spanish
    Como ha indicado pejeman, en el NO de México verija es equivalente a ingle y ninguna otra cosa más. No usamos verijón ni verijona en ningún sentido. Para nosotros es algo que no puede crecer, como el sobaco.
  14. daniel.uy

    daniel.uy Senior Member

    Rocha, Uruguay
    Rio de la Plata Spanish
    Si, esto mismo sucede en Uruguay. No tiene connotación alguna más que la descriptiva: ingles. Se usa también para referirse a a la mencionada parte de los caballos, especialmente.
  15. danielfranco

    danielfranco Senior Member

    A pesar de ser originario de un barrio popular en la Ciudad de México, puedo decir sin duda alguna que nunca antes había escuchado esa palabra.

    O sea, soy un verijón inútil.

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