Verlassen vs. Lassen

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What is the difference between 'lassen' and 'verlassen'? Can you use either in the construction of 'We have to leave tomorrow'?

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    "lassen" is very often like "(to) let".

    "Let it be" ~ "Lass es zu"
    "Let go" ~ "Lass los"

    "Verlassen" means leaving, often in the sense of "abandon", somtimes even "dying".

    Eg. "Er hat uns verlassen." could mean "Er ist gestorben."

    With the same options of misunterstanding like in "He is gone." ;)

    Anyway, the simplest translation for your sentence would be

    "Morgen müssen wir gehen."


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    What about the verb: abfahren? Is this used often for to leave? I.e. I have to leave Monday. Ich habe zu Montag abfahren.

    Or does gehen work here as well?



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    "Lass los" is "Let us go!" or "let go of something" (to forget)?
    The second. "Lass los" is actually not a good examply for lassen because it's another verb called loslassen.

    Abfahren is to depart.
    Ich muss am Montag abfahren translates to I have to depart on monday.
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