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  1. machadinho

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    O que vero quer dizer aqui: na verdade?
    Existe a menor possibilidade de significar outra coisa nesse contexto?

    What does vero mean here: indeed?
    Could it possibly mean anything else in this context?

    Obrigado! :)
  2. wandle

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    It is adversative: in other words, it means 'but' or 'however'.
    However, in English the adversative sense is rather incongruous here.

    We could say 'whereas', which implies comparison without necessarily implying opposition; but more natural in English would be 'and' without any strengthening expression.
  3. machadinho

    machadinho Senior Member

    pt br
    Yeah, that makes more sense.
    Thanks again, wandle! :thumbsup:

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