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The quotation comes from

Quotation: Historically we have lived according to the linear life plan: first you learn, then you work intensely for three or four decades and then, if you’re fortunate enough to live a bit at the end, you have a few years to rest and relax before you die. But higher life expectancy is not about tacking something on at the end. Too often, our twentieth-century version of maturity left out the crucial element of purpose. Older Page 3 of 3 people increasingly want to remain engaged in something meaningful, and maturing men and women pursue goals of personal well-being and self-fulfillment
Hi everyone! Does the bold part mean "perspective of aging"?
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    "Our twentieth century version" means "the way that was normal and common, in the years up to 1999".

    "Maturity" here means "how old people live".

    It isn't about how people thought about this, because no-one planned society. No master planner had an idea about how old people should live, and made everyone act that way.
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