Vertiente hidrográfica (no cuenca hidrográfica)

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  1. Monstarika Senior Member

    Catalan and Spanish
    Necesito la traducción al inglés de "Vertiente hidrográfica" (conjunto de ríos con sus afluentes que desembocan en un mismo mar. (áfica))

    Se suele traducir por "Drainage Basin" pero según las definiciones, a drainage basin es en realidad una cuenca hidrográfica. Es decir, los ríos confluyen en un mismo punto de drenaje.

    Alguien sabe cuál sería la traducción correcta de vertiente hidrográfica? Gracias!
  2. cyberpedant

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    ¿"Watershed" te funciona?
  3. Monstarika Senior Member

    Catalan and Spanish
    I think watershed is the American version of drainage basin - or the dividing line between two drainage basins.

    But I'm starting to think Drainage Basin might be the correct term, the way I find it is used online. It seems like there might not be a distinction between the two in the English language. I'm not certain, but I can't seem to find it.

    Thank you for your answer!!
  4. k-in-sc

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  5. cirrus

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    Crug Hywel
    UK English
    There is a confusing difference in usage between American and British English here. In the UK a watershed is the dividing line between basins, in the US it means the basin itself.
  6. k-in-sc

    k-in-sc Senior Member

    In the U.S. it means both too: literally a hydrologic system and figuratively a dividing line or turning point.
  7. Monstarika Senior Member

    Catalan and Spanish
    Thanks k-in-sc, I've read that site too, but the definition seems to insist on the waters converging into a single point - which is not the case for a "vertiente hidrográfica" but yes for a "cuenca hidrográfica" (which by the way, the wikipedia spanish page for that links to drainage basin as well).

    However, it later goes on to mention "ocean basins" etc, which clearly include more than one "sink" (or exit point), so I imagine drainage basin does in fact mean both things. The rivers that flow into the same sea, and the territory of rivers that converge into the same point.
  8. k-in-sc

    k-in-sc Senior Member

    Maybe you mean "hydrological divide" or "drainage divide" then.

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