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The other day I posted a thread (here) and raised a new question but no one came to help, I guess the question should be asked in a new thread.

Some recommended four words in my thread:

You're very fortunate.
You're very blessed.
You're very well-off.
You're very lucky.

My question is that "I think besides the last one, the other three are a bit awkward. But I'm not a native speaker, so I ask here. I asked some native speakers this question "whether very could be used to modify the first three and he said okay. I think he's right and I believe what he said, but I once came across a question "He's very excellent" and someone told me "excellent" conveys already the meaning of "extreme". A second thought, I think the first and last one are okay, but how about the "blessed" and "well-off" ones, can I use "very" to modify them?

Thanks a lot
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    Number 3 usually means financially. The rest are fine to mean you have a good life without any specific criteria.
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