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    Qual a regra para se usar "very much" no inglês? Apenas quando é relativo a um sentimento, tipo "I like it very much" e não pode ser usado em outras situações como " I work very much"?
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    Bem-vindo aos fóruns. :)

    Vejamos o que o dicionário diz sobre o uso de very: much

    • (intensifier) used to add emphasis to adjectives that are able to be graded: very good, very tall
    adj (prenominal)
    • (intensifier) (... )
    • (intensifier) used in metaphors (..)
    • archaic real or true; (..)

    In strict usage adverbs of degree such as very, too, quite, really, and extremely are used only to qualify adjectives: he is very happy; she is too sad. By this rule, these words should not be used to qualify past participles that follow the verb to be, since they would then be technically qualifying verbs. With the exception of certain participles, such as tired or disappointed, that have come to be regarded as adjectives, all other past participles are qualified by adverbs such as much, greatly, seriously, or excessively: he has been much (not very) inconvenienced; she has been excessively (not too) criticized
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    There's an interesting point in the particular case of "alone": one doesn't say "very alone", but "very much alone". On the other hand, it is correct to say very lonely.

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