Very useful around poison ivy

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In this dialogue two men are discussing the superiority of women in some matters. They, however, are trying to find things men are best at. I don't understand what happens with poison ivy, though. I got the advantages of peeing standing up around poison ivy, but why does Gavin whistles? What is Karris mad about?

“But we can lift heavy things”, said Gavin.
Kip grumbled. “And pee standing up, right?”
“Very useful around poison ivy. I was on a mission with Karris this one time . . .” Gavin whistled.
“She didn’t,” Kip said, horrified.
“Yes, and she was mad at me".

Karris is Gavin's girlfriend.
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    If you can urinate standing up, you do not have the problem of your nether regions coming into contact with low-lying poison ivy, but if you must squat to urinate, then you are exposed and at risk.

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    Copyright is correct. Also, Kip understands, without Gavin having to explain, that on the trip Karris squatted to urinate and got poison ivy on her ... well, some delicate place, anyway. I'm not sure why that made her mad at Gavin, though she was probably very frustrated that she was suffering and he was not.
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