Very well-respected Vs Respected a lot

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Hello everyone,

Are "very well-respected" and "respected a lot" meaning ''held in high respect; esteemed - Collins" interchangeable in the examples that I created below?

a. John is very well-respected where he works because he is a great professional. Vs b. John is respected a lot where he works because he is a great professional.

Thank you in advance!
  • Egmont

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    They mean the same, but "well-respected" is formal while "respected a lot" is quite informal. They are interchangeable as regards meaning but not as regards register. The type of writing or speaking you plan to do will probably make one a better choice than the other.


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    Note that normally the hyphen is only used when words like this are used attributively, before the noun they modify.

    He is well respected as a professional in this field.
    He is a well-respected professional in this field.
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