vesome --losing my virginity in interracial vesomes

The Unifying Element of Conspiratorial Hypocrisy - SPIEGEL ONLINE

3 days ago - "I spent my youth in drug-saturated nightclubs in London, losing my virginity in interracial vesomes with drag queens, experimenting with every depraved form of escapism I could find."

Der Spiegel (English site, above)) did a piece on right-wing troll, Milo Yiannopoulos, who, in his book, Dangerous, described his history as above.

I can't find this word in any dictionary. What does it mean?
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  • boozer

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    I think it might be a variant spelling of v-some:
    Urban Dictionary: V-some

    I had not heard v-some either, but I used my imagination. :)

    PS. As a matter of fact, I had no idea what a 'drag queen' was, too. Shows you the extremely rudimentary level of my involvement in that kind of thing. :)


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    Thanks, Benny. I added to my post above to show how staggeringly little I actually know. :D
    And then, I do not really think it belongs exclusively to English culture. :)