vessel / craf /boat /ship??

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I would like to know the difference between these terms as I do not really know which will be used in the following context:

Berth service/Moornings
xxx has 120 easy-accessed double finger berths to keep crafts/vessels up to 131' afloat. In our berth you will find running water supply and 220 W, 360 W electricity supply to meet your crafts needs.

Thank you very much
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    A vessel is large, a ship rather than a boat. Craft is smaller, and would be suitable, or I expect boat would be fine. Note that craft does not take a plural, so it would be "keep craft up to 131 feet". Note the apostrophe in "your craft's needs" as it is possessive.

    "In each berth" or in "our berths" (plural) would be better than "In our berth".


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    For the choice among VESSEL/CRAFT/BOAT, I don't think it makes a difference. My preferred ordering is CRAFT, then BOAT, then VESSEL.

    Since it seems you have berths available I would choose Berth service(s). I don't know if I prefer it with or without the 's'.
    It looks like you have a typo when you wrote Moornings.

    EDIT: I didn't see you there MM.
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