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    I am translating some new hire and benefit documents for a client and have began the section on Profit Sharing. How would you translate "After 5 years in the plan, you will be 100% vested"

    (keep in mind that the employees reading this will most likely not understand the concept of being a vested employee...what's the best way to describe it simply?)

    Sample sentence:
    After 5 years in the plan, you will be 100% vested
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    How about..

    Después de 5 años en este plan, su estatus como empleado será del 100% de responsabilidad.
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    a mi me suena que ..'Después de 5..... todos sus derechos/beneficios/garantías estarán 100% garantizados/cubiertos/protegidos...'
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    I'm getting too tired to write in Spanish (sorry). I usually use the verb 'adquerir', el dinero estará 100% adquirido. They're talking about 401k funds where employees designate a percentage of their pay to be put into a retirement savings fund. Often, the company will match the funds they put in, (usually up to a maximum of 5% or something). The money that the company contributes is not available to the employee at first. Then, over time, if the employee remains at that company, he/she comes to own an increasing percentage of those funds the company has put in. In this case, after five years in the plan, the employee will be completely vested, i.e., will have acquired all the money offered by the company. Hope this helps.
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    Se me ocurren tres opciones:
    Después de 5 años en el Plan, todo el saldo que haya en el Plan le pertenecerá en un 100%.

    Después de 5 años en el Plan, el 100% de los beneficios acumulados serán de su propiedad.

    Después de 5 años en el Plan, usted habrá adquirido el derecho al 100% de los beneficios acumulados.

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