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    L'aquaplaning (m) = aquaplaning
    faire du baby-sitting = to babysit
    Le bodybuilding = bodybuilding
    Le booking = booking, reservation (Qc: réservation)*
    Le bowling = bowling alley
    Le brainstorming = brainstorming
    Le brushing = blow-dry
    Le building = large modern building (e.g. a block of flats or offices) (Qc: immeuble, tour à bureaux)
    Le camping = camp site
    Le camping-car = camper van (Qc: maison mobile ou roulotte)
    Le canyoning = canyoning (to walk, jump, swim, hike in canyons)
    Le caravanning = caravanning
    Le casting = casting
    Le coaching = personal coaching
    Le cocooning = cocooning (staying at home more, going out to socialiaze less)
    Le curling = curling
    Le dancing = palais de danse, dance hall
    Le debriefing = debriefing
    Le dressing = built-in wardrobe, walk-in wardrobe
    Le dispatching = dispatching, routing
    Le dumping = dumping
    La holding = holding company
    Le fooding = belle cuisine, the art of eating and cooking well
    Le footing = jogging (Qc: course à pied)
    Le forcing = pressure
    Le jogging = jogging, a tracksuit
    Le jumping = horse jumping
    Le karting = go-carting
    Le kidnapping = kidnapping
    Le leasing = leasing
    Le lifting = face-lift
    Le listing = listing
    Le living = living room, sitting room, lounge (Qc: le salon)
    Le lobbying = lobbying
    Le looping = loop
    Le mailing = publicity mail shot
    Le marketing = marketing (Qc: commercialisation)
    Le meeting = meeting
    Le mobbing = moral harassment, persecution
    Le monitoring = monitoring
    le mushing = mushing
    Le parking = car park (Qc: le stationnement)
    Le peeling = skin peeling treatment
    Le piercing = piercing
    Le planning = plan, planning, schedule, programme | production specifications (business) (Qc: la planification)
    Le pressing = dry-cleaners, dry-cleaning (Qc: le nettoyeur)
    Le rafting = rafting
    Le relooking = a makeover
    Le ring = boxing ring
    Le (crédit) revolving = revolving credit
    Le shampooing = shampoo
    Le shooting = photo shoot
    Le shopping = shopping
    Shocking = shocking
    Le sleeping = sleeping-carriage (on a train) (Qc: le wagon-couchettes)
    Le smoking = dinner jacket, tuxedo (Qc: complet-cravate)
    Le sponsoring = sponsoring, sponsorship (Qc: les commandites, commanditer)
    Le standing = deluxe, high quality
    Le strapping = an ankle bandage, an Ace bandage (AE)
    le stretching = stretching exercise
    Le string = G-string, thong
    Le surbooking = over-booking, over-reservation
    Le time sharing = time sharing, time share (holiday accommodation)
    Le timing = timing
    Le training = track suit
    Le travelling = tracking shot
    Le trekking = trekking
    Le twirling (bâton) = baton twirling
    Le Viking = Viking
    Les warnings = flashing lights as used on emergency or construction vehicles
    Le yachting = yachting
    Le yearling = yearling horse
    Le zapping = channel surfing

    *QC indicates an alternate French term that may be preferred to the -ing term in Quebec... and perhaps in France too, for that matter.
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