Vi eseguirò adesso una mia composizione per piano solo


Vorrei tradurre la frase: Vi eseguirò adesso una mia composizione per piano solo. Per mia composizione intendo un brano pianistico composto da me
Il mio tentativo:
I am going to play a piano piece of mine
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    Se è una frase da rivolgere ad un pubblico, quindi con il pianoforte accanto a te, è sufficiente:
    I will now perform a composition of mine oppure: I will now play a piece (that) I've written.
    Per esprimere l'intero concetto: I will now play/perform a piano solo piece of mine.
    o, più tecnico: ...a composition for piano solo (that) I have written.


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    Just a few other suggestions,

    (And) now I'm going to perform one of my solo piano compositions. [perform...a composition is in a higher register, (no pun intended!) and something Chopin could've said before playing one of his Etudes.]
    Now I'll play one of my solo piano pieces.
    Now I'll play one of the pieces I've composed/written solely for piano.


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    I’ll now play (you) one of my own (piano) compositions (for piano).
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