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Say, there is a long road to Place B, which is my destination. And Place A is located in the middle of the road. So you actually pass Place A on your way to Place B.

Can I say:

The road is via Place A.

Can via be used like that?
  • kentix

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    No, not really. The road to B goes through A.

    It's a bit easier to understand with real names.

    - The road to Toledo goes through Akron.
    - The road to Toledo passes through Akron.


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    Can via be used like that?
    No, but I can say that the road to Land's End goes via Truro, so you should be able to say that the road to Toledo goes via Akron.

    You could also have:
    Q. Which way do I go to Bath?
    A. The best way is via Shepton Mallet.

    Generally speaking, via is used when there's a choice of routes.