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Hi everyone,
Which is the best way to call a person which is the second in charge? I have to describe the staff of one company by their job positions and they call their top manager "director". Is there a "vice-director"?or is it better if I call that person "vice-president"?Thank you a lot!:))
  • If you are translating a Bulgarian term that sounds, literally, vice-director - such terms are common in Polish thus my guess - then I would consider calling them Deputy Director.

    Vice-president can be the second in command to the President, but, in many large, especially US, organisations, a formal "rank" in the corporate hierarchy. I used to work for Citigroup once in my misguided youth and there were whole herds of Vice-Presidents about.


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    If the top post is Director you might think that the Deputy Director was the second-in-line to the Director.
    You might be right, you might be wrong.
    Sometimes there are lots of Deputy Directors. Sometimes only one.
    Then there are the Assistant Directors. Is one of them the Director's deputy.

    And of course in any UK company there may be many Directors and many of them may have little or no role in company management.
    panjandrum, I was suggesting "Deputy Director" as a translation for Vice-Director, which is what I understand this person is called in Bulgarian. It just seems to sound better in English.

    But titles are, of course, notoriously untranslatable. For example in Polish the president of the country & of the company have a completely different name. But both are translated by the English vice-president. And so on.


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    Vice president but deputy director is more common. Assistant principal, (of a school) assistant to the director (or a motion picture) asssitant coach. Assistant mayor or vice-mayor. No reason except usage.

    There are also other usages such as sub-director, under-secretary (of government bureaus and agencies like Under-secretary of Agriculture)
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