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    Anyone who could help me out on this one? The complete frase reads: "Aunque somos víctimas, no nos podemos quedar en la victimización".

    The text is about victims of state and paramilitary violence in Colombia and the person talking is representing a victim's organization. Since english is not my native language and there is no translation for "victimización" in the dictionary I'm having problems finding the right word to express what he means in english. What he wants to say is that the victims of political violence should not accept that they are victims or just sit down and wait for help. Instead, they should use their fear and anger to make political proposals and contruct their own future.

    Thanks for any help!
  2. Jobani

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    En inglés se dice victimization.
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    This link could help you.


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    This translates (without victimization) As "Although we are victims, we don't have to remain victims."
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    Thank you!
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    ¿Es una palabra en español? ¿Se ha utilizado en español?

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