vidéoclips / capsules vidéo

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    Actually, I think it may be the difference between a music video and a video interview. Not sure, though.


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    Vidéoclips is the short movies on music that you can see on mtv
    Capsules vidéos is a most generic expression meaning a short video. It is most often use to speak of a corporate video or a short video on the web. Capsules is used for the «short» aspect of the thing, beside the most cinematographical expression «short-movie». Maybe capsule video is an expression used most in Quebec.
    (sorry for my bad english)
    Now : how can I translate capsule in english?


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    I think we have a case of "faux-amis" here:

    I would translate FR vidéoclip as EN music video

    I would translate FR capsule vidéo as EN video clip
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