vidéocodage (en LAD-RAD)


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Hello all,

I am about out of my mind with this word :p

The document I'm translating deals automatic document recognition (procédé LAD-RAD en français). I've checked various online resources and come across "video coding" in both GDT and Termium, but when attempting to find examples of "video coding" in the context of ADR, I don't find any results (except dealing with conversion of old tape formats into digital formats, which is not the case for my project).

I've found a few French websites that indicate ROC (reconnaissance optique des caractères - optical character recognition) and vidéocodage are the same thing, but then others that describe vidéocodage as a step in OCR. The source already uses océration for OCR I don't think that's it.

Ultimately, the process I'm looking for is when a person scans (or otherwise captures) a document, the software reads it and converts it into searchable text and "videocodage" is then the process for manually correcting character recognition errors made by the computer (1 instead of i, for ex.).

Generally, I think it's "manual post-processing" but... I don't know if that's specific enough.

Wikipedia gives a nice description here under procédés de la LAD: Lecture automatique de document — Wikipédia

Can anyone help me with what we call this in English?
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